Why us



- We only deal with quality food products which are certified by BIO.

- Our prices are truly competitive as we deal directly with the producers.

- We offer flexible pricing and payment arrangements.

- We are in direct contact with our producers.

- We offer a strong sales team

- We are here for you 24/7.


Our Services:

- We provide distributing and sales services across the region of London.

- We offer business development services to your products.

- We are responsible for managing your accounts in UK.

- We represent your products in United Kingdom with aim to find new buyers, provide market intelligence and feedback on the progress and status of the products and identify new market opportunities.

- We can build up your product territory against competitors.

- We target larger suppliers (Wholesalers and bulk) supermarkets, hypermarket, Gourmet shop and retail chains with aim to increase the market penetration and brand visibility.

- We create a marketing and visibility plan for your brand and identify new market opportunities.

- We suggest and help in specific marketing, public relation and visibility action for the brand in United Kingdom.

- With our vans we reach the most frequently serviced London distribution locations.